Leaf Storm

Autumn morning, cloudy skies, 
cold chills run through the air 
between these humid walls.

I breathe serenity, 
my bare feet stand on marble tiles 
stealing heat like thieves.

Unchain myself out of the shackles 
that have constricted my body; 
bruises imprinted on my back, 
frail bones tremble.

Throw myself into damp soil, 
soaked by muddy terrain. 
Ready. I think I’m ready.

Skin turns green, 
energy spouts from within, 
leaves whirl around 
my humble flesh.

This poem was originally published in “Welcome to the Sombre Days” (2018)

Jeremy Mifsud is a queer and autistic poet from Malta. Social ineptitude becomes a catalyst for his art as he weaves unsaid words into poems and stories. He is the author of the poetry collection Welcome to the Sombre Days (2018). More of his works appear or are forthcoming in Please Hear What I'm Not Saying(2018), TerseLittle Lion LiteraryConstellate Magazine, and others. You can read more of his work at www.poetrybyjeremy.wordpress.com and Twitter, @poetrybyjeremy.

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