Naja Snake

you're crawling on the bedsheets while I seat myself wondering

how can such a slender body

weak my knees and cheap my values

you flatten your head to pick me up

at any dispersion, for leisure

with impressive length, incredible speed


and the lightning strikes in the dark

I metamorphose in between your neurotoxic behavior

I see the patterns in your skin print

the olive color in your whole strong being

the angst, the love


and then I let you in

I ask you kindly,

wrap yourself in my arms like najas

have yourself a bite of my skin

let all my defects align


poison all of my green and purple veins

heart beating to the rhythm of your enchantment

bombing my bloodline with your infectious passion


and since then I’ve made you my pet,

my one desire is to make you my taxidermy

my nervous system still in agonizing excruciation

in fatal destiny and bony awakeness 

I sing myself to death to the tone of your dangerous hissing


and I gorgeously love it

I sure do like how that poison feels


Valium Hippy (birth name Rogério Berardo Filho) (he/him) is a writer and poet born and living in Recife, in northeastern Brazil. He is currently 20 years old, LGBT, a dog dad, and writes to cope with mental health complications.

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