trying to come up with my favorite dinosaur
i think it is a jr. or our planet earth
which not many people know is shaped like a dinosaur

can’t really have any children
but maybe one day we find a godzillasaurus egg
there are things like that out among the stars

you wonder how they were created
how birthed and how mutated until
here in this moment and in this form

rogue cells from here and there
enter a black hole and exit a white hole
transform into this monster intent on domination

always found godzilla jr. more interesting than son of godzilla
they both survived or didn’t survive kind of terrible situations
some decisions had to be made that couldn’t be helped

it’s true bad things happen to good people
they turn radioactive or go into meltdown and burn away
man that sucked when destoroyah blasted jr. with micro-oxygen

a world or a dinosaur can only take so much
I bet it was even worse after
like all oxygen everywhere was gone

imagine having atomic blasts directed through your throat
they probably give you something like a sunburn
only it’s on the inside and makes it hard to talk or swallow

is it harder to lose a sibling or a parent or a child? I don’t want to know
there are all these conflicting ideas about what makes a best self
maybe mine is one that wrecks everything to beat a monster

walks triumphantly through the rubble after
not entirely opposed to razing what’s left of it
because that’s how it’s always been done

godzilla dies godzilla raids again
godzilla is frozen godzilla dies again
sometimes the funeral is quiet

sometimes autumn’s violins sob loud
every generation roars its own roar while it’s here
hopes another will hear it and keep roaring


Giuseppe Manley (they/them) is a queer Black poet from Maine. They have 2 dogs, work in IT, & are fond of making three item lists. They worked as Poetry Editor for The Open Field & reader for Puerto Del Sol. Follow them on Twitter & on IG @gehnmy.

Giuseppe Manley