andrew olvera

Publisher, Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder

Andrew Olvera (he/him) lives in Tucson, Arizona, where he works as a teacher for students with special needs. He is the co-founder of Lazy Adventurer Publishing and heads both press's magazines, Prismatica Magazine and Collective Realms Magazine as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher. His work can be found in the two magazines as well as Selcouth Station Press and Theta Wave Magazine.

Twitter: @AndrewTOlvera



Sr. Poetry Editor

Rowan Withnell is an award winning poet, short story, and tabletop supplement author. Currently she spends her time going between the US and England where she lives with her husband and spoiled cat. She also happily serves as poetry editor for both Prismatica and Collective Realms magazines.


AUdrey stolze

Podcast Director/Host

Audrey Stolze is a graphic designer, writer, podcaster, and editor. She is best known as the co-creator of Spaceships & Starwyrms, a sci fi 5e game. Audrey lives in STL with her husband and collection of houseplants.

Twitter: @ladytabletop

Tumblr: @ladytabletop



Elizabeth Anders - poetry editor

Elizabeth Andersen (she/her) is a transgender mtf author and artist whom lives in Maryland, spending her time writing and drawing. Much of her poetry touches on themes of love and gender and occasionally, death.

Love Kall - fiction editor

Love Kall (she/her) is a queer speculative fiction writer from the Western foothills of Maine.

Twitter: @mars_writes

Devin Hamilton - poetry reader

Devin (she/her) is a writer obsessed with shadow, movement, and human interaction. She enjoys an overindulgence of coffee and wine in South Minneapolis. Sun Yung Shin awarded her with the Patsy Lea Core award in 2015. Her prose and essays can be read at Mookychic, Moonchild Magazine, and Occulum among other places. Devin and her twin sister run a Bookstagram where they geek out with other readers, and discuss why Hemingway talking about boobs is boring. London’s Ravenmaster liked her review of his novel.


Steve Carr - fiction reader

Steve Carr (he/him), who lives in Richmond, Virginia, has had over 280 short stories published internationally in print and online magazines, literary journals and anthologies since June, 2016. Four collections of his short stories, Sand, Rain, Heat, and The Tales of Talker Knock, have been published. His plays have been produced in several states in the U.S. He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize twice.

Twitter: @carrsteven960.

Venus Davis - podcaster

Venus Davis (they/them) is a 20-year-old nonbinary writer from Cleveland, Ohio. They are currently a poetry reader for Random Sample Review and a social media content creator for Ayaskala. Venus is a regular contributor for Marias at Sampaguitas and Ayaskala. Their work has been featured in InQluded and Marias at Sampaguitas. Aside from writing, they love learning about philosophy, astrology, and the Korean language. They also play guitar, ukulele, and piano for fun sometimes. Their main goal is to be confessional and compassionate in their writing and in life.

Twitter: @venusbeanus

Edmund Withnell - podcaster

(Description coming soon)