andrew olvera

Publisher, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Co-Founder

Andrew Olvera lives in Tucson, Arizona, where he works as a teacher for students with special needs. He is the co-founder of Lazy Adventurer Publishing and heads both of the press's magazines, Prismatica Magazine and Collective Realms Magazine as Editor-in-Chief and Publisher.

Twitter: @AndrewTOlvera


AUdrey rose

Fiction Editor, Podcast Director/Host

Audrey Stolze is a graphic designer, writer, podcaster, and editor. She is best known as the co-creator of Spaceships & Starwyrms, a sci fi 5e game. Audrey lives in STL with her husband and collection of houseplants.

Twitter: @ladytabletop

Tumblr: @ladytabletop



Poetry Editor

Rowan Withnell is an award winning poet, short story, and tabletop supplement author. Currently she spends her time going between the US and England where she lives with her husband and spoiled cat. She also happily serves as poetry editor for both Prismatica and Collective Realms magazines.


edmund withnell

Podcast Host

Edmund Withnell is a person that does dramatic readings in silly voices. He is married to Rowan Withnell, and spends his time between working, fencing, appeasing a cat that might be Satan, and doting on his wife that is absolutely one of the Fair Folk. When not placating two supernatural entities, fighting off the armies of darkness with a longsword, or doing silly voices, he records his silly voices for Prismatica and Collective Realms Magazine.

Ixchel H.

Art Director

Ixchel H. is a Texas-based artist with a strong interest in fantasy, personal identity, and narrative illustration. In addition to overseeing the art direction at Prismatica Magazine, they are currently completing their degree in Visual Arts.


Twitter: @swammiesart